Mendelssohn’s Oratorio St. Paul


Sunday, December 27 at 5 pm, we enjoyed the very beautiful oratorio (with a larger choir, orchestra and soloists) of St. Paul by Mendelssohn. The concert took place in the culture Casino of Berne. Lena-Lisa Wüstendörfer was conducting the Berne Bach Choir and the orchestra of Europa. Outstanding was the soprano Anne-Florence Marbot.

The oratorio recounts the story of how Saul was persecuting the first Christians. He then encountered the risen Christ and experienced a radical conversion. From then on he was called Paul. The oratorio goes on to tell how Paul became the first Christian missionary.

In 1836 the German Jewish Felix Mendelssohn wrote this marvellous oratorio of St. Paul. His music is very much influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach. Mendelssohn’s more conservative music style set him apart from contemporaries such as Liszt, Wagner or Berlioz.

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Christmas in Switzerland


Christmas is a feast of light. During this season decoration in commercial buildings, private homes and even in the streets of cities and villages consists of countless electric lights. The whole atmosphere is different. It feels a bit like Chinese New Year. Things slow down. Families celebrate together. Christmas is here!

In the home the Christmas tree is often still a genuine tree cut in the woods and sold in the markets. In the past many people decorated it with candles. Nowadays often electric lights are used too.

Christmas celebrates Christ’s birth. The light is one central element of Christmas. It goes back to Christ who declared that he was the Light of the world.

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Dusk at Lake Thun


The lake of Thun is over 200m deep. The light effects on the water are often mesmerising. The mountain towering above the lake is called Niesen. On top is a restaurant that serves great breakfasts. A cable car takes folks to the peak which is at 2362m above sea level or 1800m above the lake.

From the middle station a hike up to the very top is a little sporty but not dangerous at all. It’s quite an unforgettable memory. The weather up there sometimes changes very quickly from broad sun light to clouds and fog.

On a clear day the view on top of the Niesen is breathtaking across to the famous Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (all reaching an altitude of around 4000m).

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