August 1: Swiss National Day

725 years ago (in 1291) the three cantons Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden swore an oath of Confederation. This was the beginning of Switzerland. Nowadays 26 cantons belong to the Swiss Confederacy.

The Swiss National Day is one of the official public holidays where people are off work.

I attended a celebration in Oberhofen at the lake of Thun. It started at 9 am with Alphorn blowing and swinging of flags. The peak was a speech held by a now retired very high ranking army officer. Mr Faustus Furrer noted how peaceful and blessed Switzerland is the midst of so many conflicts past and present in the world around us. He encouraged the listeners to hold on to the values that shaped our country. At the end the national anthem was sung which gives glory to God, who is blessing the nation.

In the evening many Swiss will enjoy a barbecue with family and friends. There are many fireworks taking place. The one on lake of Thun is famous. At 10pm the five big boats of the lake will pass by the bigger villages, stop and send beautiful fireworks into the sky.