The Verzasca Valley

The river Verzasca flows through a beautiful valley down into the lake Maggiore on the Ticino side (Italian speaking part) of Switzerland. Huge boulders are sitting in the middle of the river and many deep natural pools invite for a bath. During the warmer season it is wonderful to enjoy the pleasure of exploring the river. We suggest that you find a quiet spot for a couple of hours of „dolce fa niente“ (translation of the Italian: enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing).

Further down the Verzasca valley is one of the higher water dams of our country. The dam stows the lake Vogorno. The water that rushes through pipelines into 4 turbines at the bottom creates about 230 GWh per year. The dam was finished in 1965. It became famous through a scene of the James Bond movie „Goldeneye“ (1995) where Bond bungee jumped 220m down the wall of the dam. Even now visitors can follow in Bond’s tracks and bungee jump 220m down the same wall.