The Island of St. Peter


Three beautiful lakes are at the foot of the Jura mountain chains: the lake of Neuchâtel, the lake of Biel and the Lake of Murten. All of these lakes are called according to it’s the biggest city. They are all interconnected through a system of water channels. The wider area of these lakes is culturally interesting since it often switches from Swiss German to French and vice versa. The climate is moderate and on the slopes of the Jura nice vine is produced.

The lake of Biel is split by a peninsula called the Island of St. Peter. Originally there used to be two smaller island. But because of frequent flooding the water level of the lake was lowered artificially by 1891 and so the peninsula came into existence. From the lovely small town of Erlach (in the picture) a leisurely walk of about 5km leads to the St. Peter’s island.

By 1127 the powerful order of Cluny set up a monastery. At the time of the reformation, in 1530 the island was passed on to the patricians of Berne who own it up to the present time. Today the monastery is a nice restaurant serving excellent fish.

Jean Jacques Rousseau, a famous french philosopher and writer from the 18th century lived on the island for a few weeks. He propagated the idea of „back to nature“ and „freedom of man“. His writings had a great influence on the French Revolution and all successive revolutions seeking to bring freedom to man.

The second picture shows the view from the island across the lake of the village of Ligerz.

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Oberhofen and it’s Castle


The village of Oberhofen dates back to at least 1133 when it was first mentioned in a historical document.

The village is situated on lake Thun and only about 5km away from the city of Thun or 20km away from Interlaken. Oberhofen has a small harbour where the regular boat coming from Thun oder Interlaken stops to take on passengers.

The castle of Oberhofen dates back to the 12th century. It changed hands quite a few times and on that occasion was often enlarged too.

The museum inside the castle shows the history of it’s previous inhabitants over the centuries. On the top is the ‚oriental smoking room‘ offering a spectacular view over the lake and the mountains. The beautiful English park surrounding the castle is accessed free of charge and is a great place to stop and take in the view. In summer this is our preferred site to venture out into the lake of Thun for a swim. Swimming right away from the shore and looking back to the castle and over to the mountains all around you is simply breathtaking!

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