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Top of Europe


Top of Europe, or Jungfraujoch, is reached by a mountain train either from Grindelwald or from Lauterbrunnen. The journey takes a little more than one hour. A first stop is at the Kleine Scheidegg above 2000m. After changing the train the journey leads through a long tunnel and ends on an altitude of 3454m. At this altitude the mountains are covered by snow all year round. And the temperatures drop correspondingly!

The view from the Jungfraujoch is staggering. On the Spingx observation desk there is a 360° view around. There are three mountain peaks right next to it that are higher than 4000m. The Aletsch glacier below stretches over several km.

A suggested trail leads the stream of visitors from one attraction to another. The tour takes a good 2 1/2 hours. During peak season about 5000 visitors make it to the top. It is recommended to make reservations beforehand.

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It’s hot!


Finally summer has arrived with full strength. These days the temperature is around 34°-35°C, which for Switzerland is really hot! Most homes have wonderful central heating systems for winter, but no Airconditioning for such hot days!

At the moment people throng into the rivers and lakes and public swimming pools.

This picture focuses on the Aare river. It was taken above the Marzili area in the heart of the city of Berne. On the left people are just sunbathing, in the middle folks are walking up to one of many places where they can enter or jump into the Aare. And finally on the right you can see the people floating down the river.

Aare river swimming is an exhilarating experience. It flows fast, is quite cold (only 20°C at the moment) and also somewhat dangerous. Every year there are a couple of people drowning. So good swimming skills and some instructions are needed before taking a first jump into the clean water.

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The Europa Park


This fun destination is very popular: around 5.6 million visitors a year flock to one of the biggest theme parks of Europe. On a surface of 950’000m2 you will find a mini Europe: 15 different countries (Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Russia, Greece etc) are represented with their different building styles, foods and attractions. Three different hotels and many restaurants and food stalls cater to the needs of the European customers.

On of the main attractions is the Silver Star roller coaster. It is one of the fastest and highest of Europe. But there are a dozen other roller coasters each with different characteristics.

Also for the smaller kids and elderly folks there are nice areas to hang out, play and enjoy time out with the grand kids.

The Europa Park is only an hour away from Basel, or two hours from Bern. It is across the boarder in Germany and also very close to the border of France. A day card ticket costs €52 for an adult and 44.50 for kids and senior citizens.

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The Rose Garden Park


High above the old city of Berne, on the other side of the Aare river you will find a beautiful park called Rose Garden. The restaurant with the same name offers a magnificent view of the old city of Bern.

Over the Easter holidays the weather was great and the park was packed with people enjoying the warmth and the view.

The rose garden park is public and free. A big playground for kids is also on the grounds. At the moment spring is reflected in big garden beds of daffodils lighten up the park. In summer those beds will be full of roses.

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Early Spring


Spring is at hand, but not quite here yet. The trees are still bare but the first buds are already visible. Snow bells are fully out heralding that the winter is soon gone.

Snow can still fall even in the lowlands but it won’t stay anymore. Soon nature awakens fully from its winter sleep and starts blossoming with incredible energy. Spring will bring such a tremendous swirl of colours and fragrances making many hearts happy.

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Lake Murten


In February the water of lake Murten is very clear and cold, as is the air. The snow mountains (the alps) are often visible with the famous three peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (all over 4000m high).

The lake itself is beautiful in all seasons. It is only 8km long but reaches across language and culture boundaries: Swiss German to French speaking.

There are three lakes in this area that are all connected through a canal system: lake of Neuchâtel, lake of Murten and lake of Biel. The tree lakes area is great for outings, exploring and in the right season for water sports as well.

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The Niederhorn


In winter it is a great pleasure to go up on a snow mountain and look down into the valleys filled with fog. The view of the mountain scenery on eye level is also exhilarating.

Recently we took a wonderful group from China up to the Niederhorn. This mountain rises up to 1950m above lake Thun. To get to the top one can take a cable car starting from the lake Thun level at Beatenbucht. The other option is to drive up to the village of Beatenberg (1200m) and take the cable car from the village to the very top.

Even in winter the Niederhorn is a trip worth. You can learn how to ski, or rent a sledge or even join a tandem paraglider down into the valley.

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In Switzerland this January we have had a lot of snow. Especially in the eastern parts and far into Austria there has been abundant snow.

The ski resorts are thrilled about the great weather conditions. Skiing and snowboarding are still very popular. It’s just wonderful to go up on a mountain peak while often down below there is a layer of fog.

All the snow has also its downsides. The cities and villages put a lot of work into clearing the road system from snow so that the traffic isn’t hindered too much. Depending on the weather conditions there are also more road accidents happening and sometimes delays are inevitable.

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Christmas Market


Christmas markets are hugely popular in Europe! Some are really famous but most have become commercialised and lost authenticity.

For years in Bern we have already had two Christmas markets. This year a third was opened that everybody raves about.

This new Christmas Market is also very central and in a park next to the houses of parliament. It is really beautiful and has a much more authentic feel. The stalls are set up for about three weeks before Christmas. But they are beautiful and lovingly designed. There are lot’s of food opportunities but also sweets and many possible Christmas gifts available. A lot of atmosphere pervades this newly created but temporary space well worth checking out.

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Now in December outside it’s often really cold. But inside our homes it is warm and beautiful. Typical Christmas cookies are baked. And the kids are getting excited for Christmas when finally they get their long anticipated gifts.

In Switzerland and Germany the four weeks leading up to Christmas are called Advent (latin: arrival – celebrating the arrival or birth of Jesus Christ). On the first Sunday of Advent (either end of November or beginning of December) a first candle is lit on an advent wreath. By then the house also gets decorated for Christmas. On each consecutive Sunday another candle is lit. When the fourth candle is lit Christmas is just around the corner.

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