Cow Competitions


Early autumn the farming communities in our country hold cow competitions. Some are really big and drawing quite some crowds. This one here is of a smaller community in the Emmental and would hardly get noticed anywhere. We just stumbled into it.

The farmers from one area drive all their cows to a specific location. The cows are presented at their best. A judge and expert will look at each cow starting from the head following the topline, main body and ribs, the udders, the legs and going all the way to the tail. The most beautiful cow wins. The farmer of the winning cow gets a lot of prestige in the village.

After the show the cows get walked back to their farm. The best cows are decorated too. Traffic on these smaller roads has to accommodate to the cattle getting walked home.

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On the 2nd weekend in September I joined a group of friends for an outing to the Rigi also called „the Queen of Mountains“.
The Rigi is a group of five mountain peaks between the lakes of Zug and Lucerne. Situated so close to Lucerne the Rigi was right from the beginnings of tourism one of the favourite destinations. 1871 the first mountain train of Europe was built on its slopes.

Many hiking trails lead travellers to splendid vistas of the Alps, the lakes and the rolling midland hills. There were trails for each taste and energy level of our group.

Rigi Kulm is the top peak and also a sister moutain to E Mei Mountain in China. Up on the top we enjoyed refreshments. Then we took the famous rack railway down the steep decent to Viznau. An hour long boat trip on the sparkling Lake Lucerne led us back to the middle age City of Lucerne.

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