The village of Spiez is embedded in a bay on lake Thun. The castle is big and dates back to the 10th century. From the top of the castle (see picture) the view is of the 1000 years old church down below, the small harbour and across the lake.

The castle itself houses one of the most beautiful castle museums of Switzerland. It documents the change from a medieval life style to a patrician one.

Spiez produces a nice vine. The vineyard rises up on a hill close to the castle and adds color, especially in autumn! The restaurant down at the pier has nice fish and other foods too.

Many like to stroll along the lake and then board a boat taking them across the lake.

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In late fall the trees dress up. The beautiful colours are a feast to the eyes.

During this season I love to travel into the hills of the Jura, especially in the canton of Neuchâtel. The mountains in that area are glowing with colours.

This canton has a lake and across rolling hills the beautiful river Doubs. France starts on the other side of the river. On of the nicest destinations is called Biaufond. A bridge leads across the river to France.

In Biaufond it’s great to stop and enjoy a drink in the only house there, which happens to be a restaurant, called Maison Biaufond.

The river Doubs originates in France near the border of Switzerland and later flows into the Rhône, which eventually flows into the Mediterranean near Marseilles in France.

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