Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is the Swiss national dish! So what is it all about?

The idea is really simple. Heat grated cheese slowly and add some white wine along with some cornstarch. Once the cheese turns liquid use a long fork to dip a piece of bread into the cheese. Stir and enjoy!

There are different kinds of ready made packages on the market, where you just have to heat up the content until it’s liquid. Better quality are different cheese mixtures that you can buy. You then add the ingredients of wine, starch and garlic yourself. There are even one person portions of 200g, that you can just heat up in the microwave in the package.

In Switzerland probably every family has a fondue set. That is the caquelon (fondue pot), a réchaud (portable stove) and quite a few long Fondue forks. Different sets can be purchased in bigger super markets.

The meal is rather heavy. A Swiss adult eats about 200g of cheese. If you are not used to cheese just eat less!

The meal is also really rather simple. Cheese and bread – that’s about it!

Fondue is great, but smelly. We cook and enjoy fondue together as a family or with friends during the winter season in the kitchen behind a closed door and then air the room well.

To help digestion people like to drink white wine, black tea or fizzy water. As a desert we often serve fruit salad, which is also light.