Zakhar Bron Academy Prodigies

Recently we were treated to a concert by a few students of the Zakhar Bron Academy in Interlaken. We were blown away by the young soloists playing at a level beyond belief!

Professor Zakhar Bron has a Russian background and is a master violinist. He has won prizes at the world’s most prestigious competitions including the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels and the Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition in Poznan.

The gentleman is a very active retiree. About a 100 days a year he lives in Interlaken, where he teaches master classes to young people with an outstanding talent. Professor Bron is able to individually coach the best out of his students, who travel from all over the world to Interlaken to be taught by him for a week or two. When Professor Bron isn’t residing in Interlaken he travels the world teaching, playing music and looking out for young prodigies!

In the concert we attended the youngest violin soloist was a girl, barely 10 years old, with a British and Chinese background. She played the very demanding Tschaikowski’s Souvenir d’un lieu, op 42.

Elli Choi from Korea, Eleanor D’Melon from Jamaika and Elvin Ganiyew from Turkey and Azerbaijan and a few other extremely promising young people performed as well. We, the listeners were were just stunned by the skills and the ease with which these young people played extremely difficult, demanding and beautiful classical music.

When Professor Bron teaches in Interlaken his master classes are open to the public. Check the net for a classical treat in Interlaken or find out, when he is near you.