Christmas Season

The atmosphere in town is just great. Special Christmas decoration is up. Music is weaving through the streets. The scent of roasted chestnut is hanging in the air. Throngs of people are on the road. Excited kids are trailing behind their parents.

For many adults December is a stressful month. They have to get all the presents ready to give to their kids and the wider family when celebrating Christmas. The shops offer special Christmas sales. Advertisements suggest specific gifts for Christmas. The season has become quite commercialised.

December is also the time when the companies invite their employees out for a meal before the end of the year. There are Christmas plays at schools, concerts and church events are lined up too. People on the whole are really busy.

Christmas is actually a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ. Switzerland has become a rather secular nation where for the majority the deeper meaning of Christmas has been lost.

Most people are looking forwards to the week off between Christmas and New Years’ Eve. This is a short but festive holiday. In some way it has a bit the feel of Chinese New Year. Most restaurants and even hotels are closed in that week. Shops are closed or just only open on specific days. It is good to get stocked up and get ready for a time with family and friends and maybe already hit the ski trail.