Donald Trump: America’s New President!

In the morning of November 9, after a nerve wracking election night, Donald Trump clearly won the presidential race against Hillary Clinton. His victory was a bit similar to the Brexit – to most people quite unexpected. The polls tended to predict a victory of Hillary Clinton. But the people who voted for Trump seem to have mostly done so out of a deep frustration and disappointment with the policies of Washington DC. The number of Americans who are upset with present situation has clearly been underestimated!

In Europe, most people would have strongly preferred Hillary Clinton to be the new president. Hillary Clinton was often perceived as the lesser evil. Donald Trump has been very much disliked for his rough manners and his aggressive and rather selfish assertiveness.

But now the fact is: Mr Trump is going to be America’s next president!

The Swiss press voiced some fears, that President Trump could reverse many of the international treaties. The stock markets internationally did react and promptly dipped lower but quite a few indexes recovered within the day. The SMI briefly fell and then actually increased by over 1.5% (to 7862 points). It seems that the market over the past few weeks had already anticipated some shock waves.

Nobody knows at this stage where President Trump will be heading with his country.  What will be the impact on the US and rest of the world? Will there be more political and economic instability?

However most people would agree that what just happened in the US is history in the making!