Enjoying a Skibock in Adelboden

Switzerland is famous for winter sports. There are many areas in the alps dedicated to winter sports, some with hundreds of kilometres of ski slopes of various degrees of difficulties. Usually there is an amazing infrastructure built around those. Skiing and snowboarding are possible in a few high up areas on 365 days a year.

Mostly in February schools all over Switzerland have one week off, called the sports week. During this week most kids would join the school for a camp where they would continue to develop their skiing or snowboarding skills.

For a few years snow boarding was the big hype. In recent years however ski carving has gained a lot of popularity and most people on the slopes go down with their carving skis.

Last weekend with a group of friends we tried out something new called skibock. Especially in Adelboden, the skibock (a sawn-down ski with a simple seat) has become quite popular. It is a lot easier than skiing or snow boarding and quite some fun too. So even if people have no experience with skiing, why not try a skibock?