Health Care

Switzerland is famous for it’s excellent health care. It offers a very comprehensive as well as highly specialised range of treatments. Quite a few wealthy people from the gulf states are known to come to Switzerland for special medical treatment.

However the price for the national health care system is also very high. Anybody who is registered as living in the country has to get a compulsory basic health insurance. There are many different companies offering the basic services and many additional products. Prices vary with age and even location.  For a 30 year old person the basic package costs at least CHF 300.- / month. Every year the costs go up by about by 2-5%. Indeed health care is quite expensive.

The basic compulsory national health insurance does cover  all kinds of health issues except dental problems.

In case of an emergency it is best to directly go to the emergency unit of the nearest hospital.

For any other health issue most people consult their physician. If the issue needs specialised attention the patient gets referred to a hospital. The process is on the whole quite easy and carefree.

In hospitals people with the general health package are put up in rooms with 2 or 3 beds. People with a more individualised and therefore also a more expensive coverage can stay in a room on their own and choose the doctor / professor who should treat them.

Normally everything is provided for at the hospital such as care and food. Relatives or friends are not welcome to stay there over night. However visitors are welcome to drop in during the day. It is best to check out the time before visiting.