Deep inside the Emmental at the end of a valley surrounded by a steep mountain range you will find the hamlet Kemmeriboden. Behind the mountains  surrounding it are three very distinct areas: the Emmental, the (UNESCO biosphere) Entlebuch and the lakes of Thun and Brienz.

The traditional hotel / restaurant there has been quite famous for several generations. A hundred years ago this place was well known for it’s bath. Nowadays people would go there rather for limited winter sports or in summer for a wide range of wonderful hikes along clearly marked trails, leading into these other three areas mentioned above.

The popular hotel offers interesting possibilites for accomodation. During winter you can choose to spend the night in an igloo. In summer you can sleep on hay. But the hotel offers also quite comfortable rooms and actually very nice food too.

From Berne it takes about 1 1/2 hours by public transport (train and bus) to get there, by car about an hour. At the hotel there is also plenty of free parking available. Public transport is very convenient, if you want to hike across into another area.