In Switzerland after people had some specific surgeries they often need to go for 2-4 weeks of rehabilitation. For that purpose there are quite a few rehabilitation centres. The treatment is covered by the national health insurance.

Our 90 year old auntie is still doing very well. But recently she fell while moving around in her apartment. She broke her hip and had to undergo some surgery. Now she is working on learning to walk again with a rollator hoping that soon she will be able to function without one.

The rehab place she stays at is above lake Thun. The view is wonderful. She gets physiotherapy twice a day and is taught, how to get around.

Food is provided by the hotel service of the center. Guests are welcome and can join in for meals in the restaurant. She has made some other friends and is quite happy there.

A social worker is contacting the social services in her area. Once she returns home there will be people coming in to help with cooking, cleaning or whatever is needed.