This famous city lies on the shores of lake Geneva and belongs to the French speaking Canton of Vaud. Montreux is well known far beyond Switzerland and attracts many foreign visitors.

The city is famous for it’s yearly Jazz Festival. This wonderful event takes usually place in June / July and has many different groups playing in countless locations.

One highlight of the city is the promenade along the lake. It is a lively spot where people just walk along, or sit, chat and just take in the beautiful view. Along the promenade there is a display of art work that is eye catching. One sample is seen in the picture above.

Snow covered mountain peaks rising up to 2000m form the backdrop of the city. This natural protection is the reason for a climate that is exceptionally mild. Many Mediterranean plants such as pines, cypresses and palm trees grow there.

Close to Montreux lie the famous Castle of Chillon and the world heritage vineyards area of Lavaux.