Paragliding over Mürren

In the Bernese Oberland (the alps in the canton of Berne) there are several companies offering tandem paragliding. One of the best flights is probably from the village of Mürren across the valley deep below towards the majestic „Wall of the Jungfrau“.

Airtime is a local company with professional pilots who have done a thousand and more flights. The flight from Mürren down to Stechelberg is called The Wall. It takes around 10’ and costs CHF 170.-. These guys are really fun to fly with. It might be best to reserve your flight a day or a few hours before take off.

The start is really quite easy. The pilot helps you get into the gear and then gives you instructions. These are rather simple. At his command run fast down a grassy slope (only about 3-4m) and then you are already airborne. As you sit comfortably you sail across the valley towards the towering wall of the Jungfrau only hearing the noise of the wind. The pilot will take you in circles high above the ground while you are gently loosing heights. The touch down is soft and easy too.

If you want the pilot to record scenes of your flight he will take his go pro along. The set of recording costs another CHF 40.-.

By car the drive from Berne to Stechelberg takes just one hour. From Stechelberg take the thrilling cableway (another 20’) to the very top, the Schilthorn at almost 3000m. On the way down get out in lovely mountain village of Mürren and enjoy and unforgettable flight down to the bottom of valley.