Roger Federer

The famous Swiss tennis star Roger Federer just won his historic 8th championship in Wimbledon. With this victory he officially becomes one the best sports stars of the world.

1981 Roger Federer was born in the city of Basel. Federer speaks Swiss German with an accent of Basel. His father is a Swiss while his mother is from South Africa. He holds both the Swiss and the South African citizenship. He grew up in the area of Basel, close to the French and German borders and speaks German, English and French fluently, while Swiss German is his native language.

Federer is married to Mirka, also a former tennis pro who had to retire from her sports career due to a foot injury. The Federers have two sets of identical twins: in 2009 two girls and in 2014 two boys.

Federer has quite some philanthropic side. The Roger Federer Foundation supports disadvantaged children to promote their access to education and sports.

Federer has won numerous titles be it in the US, UK, Davis Cup, Australia Open , Spain, China and many other countries. He has a great fan audience and is really liked for his excellence in sports and has a wonderful character.