The Justis Valley

The Justis valley is rather untouched yet not far from the city of Thun!

It is situated high above lake Thun and about 7.5km long. The Grön creek flows through the valley and deep down at the village of Merligen it enters lake Thun. At the end of the valley a pass leads over to another beautiful the valley: the Eriz.

The Justis valley is great for a nice and easy hike. For those who are more ambitious there are also a couple of more challenging tracks!

In September on a particular Friday a big farmers’ festival takes place up there. It is all about the cheese produced up. During the summer months quite a number of cows peacefully graze up there. Their milk is turned into cheese. At the end of that festival day the beautifully decorated cows are lead down from the valley in an “Alpabzug” to the different farmers homes much further down for the winter season.

Sometime in October is the mating season of the deer. Then the valley is filled with the very impressive sound of roaring deer. Taking some binoculars along you can look out for these beasts that are marking their territory.

Going to the top of the Niederhorn one can easily look down into the Justis valley (as in picture).