Winter Forest

These last few weeks have been rather warm for this season. But finally winter has arrived and temperatures have now dropped to 0°C and below that. Only now snow stays on as it is cold enough not to melt anymore. And there is certainly more snow to come…

The forest is beautiful in all seasons. About a third of our trees are many different types of broad-leaved trees that mark the seasons clearly. Two thirds are various coniferous trees.

The forest has a long tradition of being well tended. It covers about a third of the country. A third of the forested areas is found on our mountains (Jura and alps). Year by year an army of forest workers cut specific trees and keep the many roads and hiking trails in the forests in good shape. 70% of the forest is in public hands.

Today our forests are very much parceled up. There are not many spots in Switzerland where you won’t see some artificial lights caused through cars or housing.