Zurich’s Airport

The airport of Zurich is the biggest of the country. It opened in 1948 and since then has been steadily growing. In 2015 there were more than 26 million passengers passing through the airport and over 260’000 flights arriving or departing. Flights leave for about 180 different destinations worldwide to about 65 countries.

The international code for Zurich airport is ZRH.

The airport has three runways and three docks A, B and E. Dock E is accessed via an automatic rail system. In all docks there are plenty of restaurants and shops. Free wifi is also available.

The airport is one of the leading ones within Europe. It is modern, clean, safe and efficient. And it is well connected to the public transport system. From the underground train station a train takes only about 7 minutes into the heart of the city of Zürich. Direct trains from Bern to the airport take exactly 70’ which by car is impossible to do. The city of Zurich is often congested and it is difficult to calculate how long it takes by car. We recommend always to take the train, wherever possible. However it is easy to access the airport via car too.

The airport is also close to the South of Germany. For years there had been some tension with Germany about the level of noise that the inbound and outbound flights cause over their areas. Meanwhile through a flight time limit some of these problems have been solved.