Miniature golf, or mini golf is quite popular in Switzerland. It has been around since about the 60ies and is is a great  group activity.  Often the mini golf course is also set in a nice area, such as here! And there are lot’s of mini golf courses all over the country.

In comparison with regular golf the mini golf course is packed unto a very small surface. In Switzerland the courses are usually made of concrete. It also has a series of holes (18) but it’s length is only about 10 meters each. The mini golf courses up and down the country are usually the same. So if you are able to perform well on one you should be doing well on all others too.

As a rule each person just uses one club and one ball. For each hole six attempts are allowed. The goal is reached when the ball drops into the hole hopefully with less than 6 strokes. The player who at the end has the least points wins!

This inexpensive activity is just wonderful on a day off together with your friends. Some families also appreciate to take their kids out and away from all the electronic temptations. In the end it is not so much the score that counts but rather the fun of all playing together happily teasing each other!