Sommer Days

End of June suddenly the summer has arrived in full strength. Temperatures during the day are up 32-33°C. In some areas there were even warnings issued for elderly people to be careful and not get too exposed to the heat. At the same time many people just enjoy the sun, the warmth and the cool water.

The lake of Thun is usually a cold lake. Meanwhile it has reached 21°C! What a thrill to swim in a cool like and look around at the beautiful mountains.

The Aare river flows also through Thun, Bern and many cities and villages later on joins the Rhein and crosses through Basel into Germany. All along this magnificent river people jump into the water and float along for a while. The second picture is a scene from Basel….

However swimming in a river takes quite some confidence in your swimming skills. It is dangerous because the river flows at quite a high speed and entering it as well as leaving it takes some skill. Every year some people drown since they underestimate the power of the river.

Many villages and cities run their public swimming pools. So young and old flock into these areas and enjoy a time out in the water or the green surroundings.

Yesterday we went to a local, small natural lake (Moossee). The water temperature was at 27°C! What a thrill at 8pm to swim towards the sunset and then back again. Also such places have a safe area for kids or people who are not safe swimmers.